Elasticsearch Time Series Connector it is the component which is responsible for managing connection and sending histories to the elasticsearch in a Niagara station.


  1. Open the btibElasticsearch palette.

  2. Drag and drop the ElasticsearchTSConnector to Services > Btib Service > External Connectors > Time Series Connectors.

  3. Double click on the connector fill the connection details.


  • Status : Connection status
  • Fault Cause : The error message status.
  • Enabled : Enable/Disable the component.
  • Last Attempt : Datetime of the last connection attempt.
  • Last Success : Datetime of the last successful attempt
  • Last Failure : Datetime of the last failure attempt.
  • Elasticsearch Config: The instance host and port.
  • Credentials: The username and password.

 Advanced Config

  • Nan Values Policy: The policy for nan values (send or ignore).
  • Infinite Values Policy: The policy for Infinite values (send or ignore).


  • Ping : Ping the MongoDB cluster.

Fault Causes

  • Unable to connect : verify the your connection parameter (Host name, port ...), you can try to ping.