Welcome to the ACTIVE Toolset to enrich your Niagara Framework experience.

The ACTIVE toolset is composed of several packages: 

  • ACTIVE-PRO: Excel import/export and macro recorder
  • ACTIVE-Framework: Data structuration, Automation workflows, Dashboard builder
  • ACTIVE-API: Generic Rest API Network driver, Internal Niagara API
  • ACTIVE-Connectors: Real-time synchronization with 3rd party platforms and databases

Each package includes Niagara modules (.jar files).


You can download the different packages from this address: https://download.vayandata.com/

You will need first to create an account by selecting SignUp. This account will be common to the rest of the resources.

Then you can select the package you want to download. If you download several packages, they will contain some common modules

Once you unzip the package, you need to copy the modules to your Niagara modules folder. Example:

Importance notice: ACTIVE-Pro will run on your Workplace only, so you don't need to copy the modules to your JACE or remote station. The others packages requires modules to be installed into the station.

You will need to restart both your running station AND your Workbench to be able to use the modules. See licenses as well below.



If you are interested by ACTIVE-Pro, this is a self licensing mechanism. You just need to complete your profile and create a new license here:  https://licensing.active-framework.com/

You can try for free a license on your Workbench. Hit +1 Add LICENSE button

And fill-in your Workplace HostId

Select your pricing plan, first month is free anyway. If you're already convinced, fill-in your credit-card information first in your profile.

ACTIVE-Framework, ACTIVE-API, ACTIVE-Connectors

These packages require a license from Niagara Central. Please contact VayanData to get a free license on your Office Demo: [email protected]

Once you get confirmation from VayanData your license has been generated, get to your Niagara platform.

If you get anything wrong, please contact our support so we can help you: [email protected]


The documentation is available here: https://doc.vayandata.com/

Every component in a palette has its own documentation page detailing the first implementation and listing all its properties & actions. Sometimes, you will find some e-learning to get further.

Feel free to follow the various get started tutorials or labs.


E-learning content is available to help you get deeper in the concepts and apply some real use cases: https://elearning.vayandata.com/

Using the same account, you can access to all the tutorials and programs


Support usually requires a specific contract with VayanData or a ACTIVE distributor.

Because we care about your success, we can put you on the right tracks by contacting [email protected]