Linksper is a BOS, a middleware between Equipment and Services, a facilitator between data producers and data consumers, an enabler for exchanging data between building applications.

What's a Building Operating system

A BOS is a data layer integrating heterogeneous sources into a single unified interface. Its goal is to provide meaningful information to services so they can easily create added value for occupants, FM, PM, EM or owners...

A BOS allows any digital service provider to easily connect to the building and learn what's inside. Every piece of data in the BOS is self described making the deployment of a service very easy and automated (similar to an app installation on a phone) and avoids any change to the current infrastructure of a building every time a new service is added.


Explore the Core principles of a Building Operating System


Linksper is a BOS designed & edited by VayanData. It is Niagara Framework based, standardized, fully connected with many services and easily extensible.

Linksper has four pillars:

  • Dynamic Data integration: all the data from traditional BMS equipment, IoT and heterogeneous data coming from silos
  • Static Data integration: all the models used to describe the building and its assets like a BIM model, a CMMS equipment tree, a metering hierarchy...
  • Internal apps: used to visualize data and monitor service connections
  • Services integration: several tools to facilitate integration of external services using a well documented API and generic real-time connectors

Learn more with the Introduction of Linksper